Toxic Meltdown

Toxic Meltdown


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Entertain all your partygoers no matter how young or how old they are just as long as they think they can jump and duck fast enough to avoid getting hit and knocked down by the foam bar.This huge Toxic Meltdown is perfect for Schools and Churches and any large event!

The Toxic Meltdown Inflatable is the ultimate game of agility and balance for thrill-seekers of all ages. This exciting inflatable obstacle course features two spinning booms that rotate in opposite directions, challenging players to jump, duck, and dodge to avoid getting knocked off their pedestal. With bright, vibrant colors and a toxic waste theme, this inflatable is sure to be a hit at any event. Made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand heavy use, the Toxic Meltdown Inflatable is perfect for parties, carnivals, and other outdoor events. So get ready to test your skills and have a blast with this one-of-a-kind inflatable game!$900 All day! You get to Play it and control it!

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