Potty Toss Carnival Game

Potty Toss Carnival Game


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Introducing the Potty Toss Carnival Game, a hilarious and entertaining addition to any party or event! This game is guaranteed to bring laughter and excitement to both kids and adults alike.

The Potty Toss Carnival Game features a colorful and eye-catching design, resembling a classic toilet bowl. Made from durable materials, it is built to withstand hours of play and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How to play? It's simple! Participants take turns tossing soft and lightweight bean bags into the "toilet" target. The goal is to aim for the center hole, just like hitting a bullseye. With adjustable difficulty levels, you can challenge players of all ages and skill levels.

Not only is the Potty Toss Carnival Game incredibly fun, but it also promotes hand-eye coordination and concentration. It's a great way to engage guests and create lasting memories at birthday parties, carnivals, fairs, or even backyard gatherings.

So, why settle for ordinary carnival games when you can have the Potty Toss Carnival Game? Bring laughter, competition, and endless fun to your next event. Get ready to aim, toss, and score big with this crowd-pleasing game that is sure to be a hit!

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